Kolkata: The 24th IndianOil Aviation Conference was held in Kolkata today on 22nd February 2019. The who’s who of the aviation industry were in town to attend the conference. The conference is held to cater to the needs of IndianOil’s aviation customers. The profile of IndianOil’s aviation customers comprises domestic and international flight carriers, Defense customers, Airport Operators, Private Chartered Airlines, Service partners from the Aviation Industry.

The Conference started off with Ganesh Vandana and exquisite Sand art by Amar Sen that saluted our Army, brave-hearts and martyrs. The dignitaries comprised our valued Aviation Customers: Suresh Kakani IAS, Vice Chairman & MD, Maharashtra Airport Development, Chairman MIHAN India Air Vice Marshal K S Reddy, Vinod Hejmadi, Director (F), Air India, Thorsten Lange, Head Fuel Procurement, Lufthansa.

Mr Sanjiv Singh, Chairman, IndianOil said that the objective of these conferences is also to interact beyond formal boundaries. He went on to say that IndianOil works on a very narrow profit margin and the key to it's success is operating at high efficiency. He told the house that IndianOil is prepared to take on any level of global competition and its capability to sustain market Leadership amidst stiff competition has been acquired over long years of focused service. He assured the audience that IndianOil wants to make energy available to every corner of the country and profit is only a consequential matter that helps us sustain.

Mr Singh further said that IndianOil's Lube business has emerged only out of national need and today the company has the resource to match and excel over any world-class lube product. 'IndianOil has that strength and reliability to offer a complete solution and long term partnerships. IndianOil assures its customers that it is thoroughly ready and alert to adapt with changing customer demands and rapidly transforming business environment. Focusing on that, IndianOil is celebrating 2019 as Year of solutions. We are committed to providing solutions that are safe and cost-efficient. And we are flexible and willing to innovate. Partnering with our clients and using our core strengths; we can reach to any desired solutions. We also assure the Aviation customers that we can partner in requirements beyond ATF; for products such as Lubes etc. IndianOil stands for unflinching reliability in every part of the country; we serve the nation with lot of pride, pride that goes beyond mere business numbers.', Mr Singh, Chairman IndianOil said during his inaugural speech.