Air India is once again in controversy, this time on the appointment of Arvind Kathpalia as director operations. Air India pilot body is protesting the appointment of a controversial man Arvind Kathpalia as director of operations. It has questioned the man chosen for the job on the ground that he failed the alcohol several times.
The controversial senior pilot, who has been grounded till May for violating flying norms and failing a breath analyser test, was promoted and appointed to a Director-level post in the government-controlled Air India on Friday. The Air India Pilot Association has written a letter to the government to protest against the appointment.
The Appointments Committee of Cabinet approved the appointment of Kathpalia to the post of Director (Operations) in Air India Ltd (AIL) for a period of five years, an official order said.
Kathpalia, was in news after his flying licence was suspended by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
The DGCA last month suspended his flying licence for three months after he had skipped compulsory pre-flight medical test on several occasions. According to an inquiry report, Kathpalia had said that he had driven straight to the aircraft after attending a meeting with officials of the civil aviation regulator as the flight was getting late.