Achhe din anne wale hain (English: Good days are coming) was the slogan of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the 2014 Indian general election. The slogan was coined by BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, indicating that a prosperous future was in store for India if the BJP came into power. After BJP's victory in the election, sayings that include the words "ache din" (good days) have been used both to express optimism or to critically discuss the Modi government.

However having come face to face with the grim realities of governing the country the BJP leaders including Narendra Modi. Arun Jaitley, Ravi Shankar Prasad have started arguing that the economic situation is not entirely in their control.

Sporadic demonstrations and protests against the hike in rail fares, fuel prices, LPG cylinder prices some natural and most of it sponsored have started taking place all over the country. The demonstrations and protests has somehow proved that people are not convinced of BJP's of this 9 month tenure.

However the Delhi elections has proved that there is no "Acche Din" for BJP.

I went to Delhi, around a month back. While coming in an auto-rickshaw from Delhi airport, I had following conversation with auto driver:
Me : Why do you take more money while going from airport compared to coming to airport?
Driver : We need to pay to police also for standing here. That?s why you find few auto-rickshaws near airport.
Me : How do you pay, weekly(hafta) or daily?
Driver: Whenever we come to airport, we have to pay.
(If you have travelled in auto while coming to airport, you would have noticed that they will drop you near lift of domestic airport instead of going near the gates.) Me: How was the situation at the time of AAP government?
Driver: Policemen stopped asking for money at that time.We can park our autos conveniently. Now, it is same again.
Me(enthusiastically) : So, you supported AAP this time?
(This incident happened after LokSabha elections).
Driver: He(Arvind Kejriwal) is a good guy. I voted for broom only. His exact words- ?Humko to vo acha laga to humne to jhadu ko hi lgaya?.
Kejriwal and his party workers campaigned on the grass root level and that is the only reason why he won the elections .

Be it Kejriwal or Modi , No government or individual can bring about a change or the so called Acche Din by themselves unless the people go hand-in-hand.
All they can do is lay the foundation for a bright future. We as responsible citizens need to inculcate those ideas in us and make sure that we don't go astray NO MATTER WHAT!!